DevOpsDays 2016 (Gent)

Slides Ignite Talk Certify to Inspiire (DevOpsDays 2016)

As Devops is a cultural movement, how do you certify culture? There is no exam that can certify how effectively you communicate with other people, how well teams in your company work together, how your organization learns, or anything else like that. However, I believe that certification is key to inspire other people to engage in the Devops movement.

My Ignite Talk will be about the Why, How and What of Devops certification. The Why part elaborates on the purpose and benefits. The How part gives some practical examples of how to submerge into knowledge about Devops. The What part is about the questions you have to ask yourself before applying for (any) certification. To my opinion Devops certification has value because it is an instrument to measure if you know enough about Devops to be taken seriously when you initiate practices in your organizations or when you try to help other people become more Devops.

Therefore, certify to inspire!

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